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Ted Wong Memorial Poster/Magazine available for purchase. We are shipping domestically and Internationally.  Select your option below!

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“Forty three years of sharpening his understanding of JKD refined Ted Wong into arguably the preeminent practitioner and instructor of Bruce Lee’s art and philosophy, Jeet Kune Do.  Now with Ted Wong’s passing, we commemorate him with a publication worthy of his lifelong dedication.  In addition to the wonderful photos are articles that chronicle Ted Wong’s family life and his involvement with Bruce Lee and JKD by Simo Krina Wong, an interview of Ted Wong by Tommy Gong, and an insightful article on Ted Wong’s dedication to JKD by Bill Matucci.

There are other choices out there to purchase this postermag and the TWJKD family appreciates your patronage.  Proceeds go towards the TWJKD family’s work to perpetuate Ted Wong’s life of training and development of JKD.  Also included is an exclusive Ted Wong sticker pack designed by Brice Wong. Don’t miss this opportunity.”


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