Albert Grajales

Albert Grajales was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1962.  At the age of 6, he and his family moved to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.  His study in the martial arts began at the age of 10, and from very early on, he developed a love for Jeet Kune DoTM and the teachings of Bruce Lee. Albert’s earlier training is in Kuk Mu Kwon, Tae Kwon Do, but he was encouraged by his father to follow his dream to learn Bruce Lee’s art of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.  His quest lead him Sigung Ted Wong.

Albert was accepted as a student under Ted Wong and he studied long and hard under his watchful guidance. Albert’s martial skill and true dedication resulted in him being certified as a Jeet Kune Do instructor under Ted Wong.  Ted Wong is very selective of whom he chooses to be his private students, and even more so, who he certifies as instructors of the art he cherishes.

Albert is a career law enforcement officer who was the Deputy Director for the Special Investigations Bureau in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  He was the Supervisory Agent in Charge of the Attorney General’s security detail, and he was the Agent in Charge of the INTERPOL division in Puerto Rico.  In addition, Sifu has over 11 years training law enforcement professionals.

Albert Grajales is a humble, extraordinary human being with a heart of gold.  He is a keen, outstanding instructor with an eagle eye.  As testament of his quality instruction, Sifu was inducted into the Hispanic Martial Arts Hall of Fame – Instructor of the Year.  Albert stays true to the original teachings of Bruce Lee and is dedicated to preserving the art of Jeet Kune Do.  It has been my privilege to have trained under his tutelage, and I am honored to be certified as a Jeet Kune Do Instructor under him.  I am forever grateful.  He is my instructor, my mentor, and my trusted friend.